Engadget: Nokia Lumia 920 best of 2012. By far.

I just learned that the Nokia Lumia 920 won the 2012 Engadget Award in the smartphone category. By a mile even, but Engadget chose to present the winners in alphabetical order, so you'll have to look a bit better to see Apple didn't win this time - not even close in fact.

My friend @Easycapexpertti pointed me towards this result and reacted: Nokia Lumia 920 won smartphone voting and got 43,7% of all votes, 2nd was Samsung Galaxy S III with 15,6% and 3rd iPhone 5 with 13.4%.

So it's a more than amazing victory! Almost 3 times the amount of votes Samsung got for the Galaxy S III, more than 3 times the amount of votes for Apple's iPhone 5.

Even better (or worse), the Nokia Lumia 920 got almost 20 (!) times more votes than the HTC Windows Phone 8X... Ouch. You can read, so check it out for yourself.

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