Just a few Nokia 808 PureView close-ups

After some pretty outspoken opinions, I think it's high time to share some Nokia 808 PureView shots - nothing all too fancy, just a few of my own shots this time, showing the great zoom capacity the Nokia 808 PureView has to offer. Simple shots, as you will see, but some stunning details (in 640x640 crops from the originals) as well :-)

First, a simple banana my daughter forgot to eat, in the light of the evening lamp. Because the lighting wasn't too great you will see some noice in the shot, but I think it's worth your while nevertheless.

Next, an old purple flower inside our house - first capture from two

Small intermezzo: leaves of a plant lit by the bright wintersun shining through the window at work.

And the second shot from the slowly fading purple flowers in our window

That's all folks. Just can't help but wish HTC good luck with achieving the same or even similar result :-) Originals on Flickr!

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