Some gorgeous shots from a trip to Egypt

You might have seen me write earlier that one thing I love about the Nokia 808 PureView, is that it's like a great focal point on the world around us. It shows me things I've never seen before, and sharing them here I hope you'll enjoy seeing them, maybe for the first time as well.

This morning I had a lucky find on Twitter, with Gerhard de Clercq sharing some of his shots from his trip to Egypt. Gerhard is pretty new to Twitter it seems, I'm his first follower and he follows two accounts ( Nokia and Symbian Developers). So I hope he's aware of the fact that sharing shots on Twitter might lead to some attention here at the PureViewClub! :-)

Anyway, I hope he doesn't mind me sharing some of the fantastic results he got from the Nokia 808 PureView in Egypt. You'll find some more if you scroll through his timeline. Enjoy!

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