My first Nokia Lumia 920 shots on "Portico"

It was only in the evening I got the Portico update on the Lumia 920, and yesterday was a very busy day. But I had the chance to get out of the office during lunchtime. So I got to make a few shots - some in the bright winter sun, some inside. These are just a few random shots to be honest, but I think you might like them.

Someone asked me to take some shots before installing the Portico update, and after. That is not an option: you check for updates, and when you're lucky you'll see it's downloading the update - it's not like your device is asking you if you want to make a few shots first.

So the only way to compare the shots is with two devices, and I think I'm lucky enough to have one Lumia 920 at all. So I can't compare shots, but I can tell you I'm very happy with the update.

First: very thin ice on a small pond.

Here, a 640 x 640 crop from the original to show how the Lumia 920 performs after the update.

Next shot is of my favorite "Beach Bar" at work (there's not a real beach to be found anywhere). The owner had a horrible season last year I think (way too much rain), but I can't wait for the weather to be good enough to open the place again.

Last shot, close-up from a staircase in an office. No flash, no special setting, just looking for a nice shot with the Nokia Lumia 920. No masterpiece, I'm sure, but still a shot I like.

I'm pretty impressed with the detail I'm getting from the Nokia Lumia 920 after the update. And I think you'll be pretty impressed as well, after this 642 x 642 crop from the original.

I'm looking forward to make a lot of new shots with the Nokia Lumia 920, now that I know the software is up-to-date. I'm still surprised it has taken so much time to be able to install it, but I'm very glad I got it before the next Mobile World Congress.

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