Unpacking the Nokia Lumia 620, captured with the Nokia Lumia 920

Well, that was an unexpected surprise today, receiving a review sample of the new Nokia Lumia 620, the "budget" Lumia that nevertheless offers the complete Windows Phone 8 experience including the much appreciated Nokia Apps like Nokia Drive, Maps, Music, City Lens, etc. etc.

So during the break I made some unpacking shots, to show you what this handsome little devil is all about. And to keep it on-topic, I made those shots with the Nokia Lumia 920, and some of the two combined with the Nokia 808 PureView.

This budget Lumia will cost you around €259 in Europe (depending on VAT) and around $250 in the US. It has been received very well by the techpress in the US, as you can see in this article on Nokia Conversations. I'll have some time with it, so maybe I can add my own experiences with it later. First: some serious unpacking :-)

Taking off the cover is not very easy, as with the Lumia 820. But you'll see there's even room for a micro-SD.

Then a few shots of both Lumia's, captured with the Nokia 808 PureView. The yellow of the 620 is a bit darker than that of my 920.

The cover of course is more "plastic", but it still feels soft in your hand.

And the last one shows the Lumia 620 in my hand. Too bad I already had to send the (also yellow) Lumia 820 back ( unpacking shots here), it would have been fun to show how it's a bit smaller than the 920 and a bit bigger than the 620.

The Lumia 620 is what they call "a bang for your buck". An extremely charming device that will easily fit in your pocket and doesn't weigh much, packed with everything Nokia has to offer on Windows Phone.

Of course, the 5MP camera is not what you'll find in the more expensive Lumia's, but I don't think you would expect that. I'm actually surprised they even managed to put a supersensitive touchscreen in it (so you can use this one with your gloves on, too).

So much for now. I know it's not really "on topic" in the PureViewClub, but I hope you liked to see this short introduction to the Lumia 620 nevertheless.