An intruiging leak: Nokia Lumia 520 and 720

To tell you the truth: I hate leaks: it's taking part of the fun out of going to an event like the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. There is less to look forward to - you've already seen what's coming, the only thing you can wonder about are details and specifications.

Somehow @evleaks always seems to get the right pictures from someone - either they are terribly good in judging what is true or false, or they have contacts they can rely on in the industry. Wonder if they pay for the shots they get. I've been watching their twitter feed closely, and last evening they indeed had the new Nokia's: Lumia 520 en 720. Here they are.

Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 720

I didn't run to my PC directly to share them - I hate leaks, right? But they made me think about a few things.

First: is this all? I dont see anyting that makes me hope there is some brilliant camerasensor in there. Also, the numbers show these devices - most likely - have  lesser specifications than the Lumia 820 and Lumia 620.

So chances you'll find OIS  or whatever new PureView technology in there are minimal. The PR shot of the Lumia 520 is not even showing Carl Zeiss on the back - just a video on the screen (Deadmau5 in action), but the the PR shot of the Lumia 720 has Carl Zeiss on it, at least.

Another striking aspect is the huge Vogue logo on the screen of the Lumia 720.

Is that saying Nokia and Vogue will start some kind of collaboration? Will it be a  "fashion phone"? Will it be targeted at women? Is this the "Catwalk" I've been reading so many rumours about? I just downloaded the Vogue app which is giving the latest fashion news (not my cup of tea).

And what's the black logo above Vogue about, do you know? It looks like some kind of fashion brand, but I can't think of which. Also: who is the person next to that? Makes me think of Psy (Gangnam Style), but maybe you know better than that.

Also, Nokia is communicating the Photobeamer application, so there is some focus on making pictures in the marketing of the Nokia Lumia 720.

But the most important question is: where is the next Nokia Lumia PureView device -  the so-called "Nokia Lumia EOS", or maybe it will be called the Nokia Lumia 1020. Where is it? Did someone accidently forget to leak it? Not a chance: @evleaks has always been pretty much complete in its leaks (although I think it missed the Blackberry Q10, so there is still hope).

My guess, however, is that it's not there - not yet. Not ready to be announced. Because as soon as you announce a device, the market will scream for it, will want to buy it within a month or two at the most, and otherwise get very mad at you. You announced it, so give it to me already, take my money! Maybe Nokia doesn't want that to happen this time.

So that's my guess. I'm dead sure Nokia will bring new PureView technology to the Lumia range this year. But as it looks now, it's not going to be announced at the Mobile World Congress. What do you think? Let's hope for the best. I'm going anyway. Be sure to follow me on Twitter.

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