Nokia: "bringing high-end innovation to new audiences" - no new flagship announced

First I want to apoligize to those who were expecting much, or at least more from me during the Nokia Event at the Mobile World Congres. After a while it became compeltely impossible to get any kind of internet connection - every available channel was occupied it appeared. I could only get a few tweets across - incredibly frustrating. I think I spent more time establishing a connection until I finally had to give up and listen to the presentation itself.

But that proved to be quite frustrating as well, although I see a few positive points. First the sad news: as more or less expected, PureView wasn't mentioned at all. Many other - also older - terms were presented again (like Photobeamer), but there was not anything PureView in the devices shown.

The Lumia 720 was the most advanced smartphone in Nokia's presentation today, with an interesting camera because of the Carl Zeiss optics and the large aperture of f /1.9 " designed to deliver bright, clear pictures day and night, while the HD-quality, wide-angle front-facing camera makes taking pictures with friends and video calling more enjoyable" (quote from the press release you'll find here).

When asked about it Elop answered "the year isn't over yet", so it looks like there is more in store. That is good. Another good thing is they didn't bring mention PureView in connection with the devices they presented today, keeping that brand name special for true innovative imaging techniques.

But still: somewhere I was hoping for a "one more thing", something that hadn't leaked, but has been rumoured about a lot already: the so-called "Nokia EOS" wasn't there, and I'm quite sure Nokia would have loved to present that new smartphone device as their new flagship for this year - but it isn't ready yet, it seems.

So that's a first as far as I can remember: Nokia not announcing any flagship device during the Mobile World Congres - must be frustrating for them as well. I spoke some of the Nokia people and shared my disappointment. Of course, they are very enthusiastic about the way Nokia is now bringing high-end technique to a much wider audience with the Lumia 520 en 720. They are not there to share anything about something that isn't announced yet.

And I must say the 720 feels remarkebly light and fine. It's a nice smartphone with a charming, thin design and like the 520 (and 620) another "bang for your buck" with Windows Phone 8 and all Nokia content on it. And it's a good thing Nokia is bringing all this to the masses, like other companies produce very affordable Android devices.

It might not be the most exciting announcement in an industry that is - like me - always looking for the most outstanding innovations (no matter what the cost), but I really believe Nokia is going the right direction - it's important to have Windows Phone 8 available at almost any price point: Nokia needs to reach the masses (again).

Talking about price point, Nokia even announced the Nokia 105 for an incredible low price of 15 euros (VAT excluded), making sure that now just about anyone who will be able to buy a phone, Just a bit more expensive is the Nokia 301 for 65 euros. So that will get the Nokia brand in many hands as well.

But we all have to wait until later this year for the next PureView device. Waiting for the Portico update I learned to be patient. And I'm quite sure the Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 920 will serve me very well until the next best thing will be announced. The rest of today and tomorrow I will be wandering around at the Mobile World Congres, making shots with those devices.

As soon as I gathered enough interesting shots or information, you'll read it here and on Twitter.