Two original Nokia Lumia 720 shots (+ bonus)

I'm not sure if you have come across original shots taken by the Lumia  720, other than those Nokia is communicating (the ones taken in South-Africe you might have seen). There is no "pureview" technology involved as we all know, but still I think it's interesting to see how the f/1.9 aperture perfoms.

Now some have told me that the software isn't finished yet, so they wouldn't let me try the camera at first. Today I could make a few shots with the Nokia Lumia 720 (below, shot with the Nokia 808 PureView) so you can get a first impression.

I sent the shots I made with this device to my Lumia 920 via Bluetooth. Of course they are tied to the table, so I couldn't take the smartphone anywhere. but there  Here they are.

Note the size is a bit dfferent: you'll resize it to 637 to 360 pixels, instead of 640 x 360. You'll find the originals on the PureViewClub Photostream on Flickr. Below you will find some crops I made from these shots.

As you can imagine, making shots like this is far from ideal - I'm not sure if I have hold the phone completely still, but you'll understand I tried. Even when the software isn't completely finished, I think the result isn't bad at all - not for a "cheaper" Lumia like this one.

As a bonus I'll throw in a Finnish pure beauty from the Nokia stand. I hear she has been announcing the Lumia 610 last year, I'm not sure if that is correct. Looks like i moved my Nokia 808 PureView a bit making this shot though. No wonder :-)

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