8 random Nokia 808 PureView shots from my trip to Barcelona

Just eight random shots from my trip to Barcelona. Nothing too pretentious, just a few shots I thought you might like to see on this blog, since they're all shot with the Nokia 808 PureView. Souvenirs of a trip to the Mobile World Congress, but not from the event itself.

First: view on a remarkably empty airport in Amsterdam...

This is modern art I saw at the airport as well. A bit confusing, since you read SGOOON first (I did, at least). I took this with the flash for the best result. So go on.

My friend's cat Tao, late in the evening, without flash. Yes, there is some noise in the shot, but I love the way the cat's ears like "echo" in the chair he's sitting on. One of the most beautiful and friendly cats I know (unless he decides to "play" with you a bit...)

The bright sunlight through the window in fact burns part of the white wall. But I like the effect it has - it looks a bit like there's a ghost climbing the stairs...

Two shots from the harbour in Barcelona, first a 34MP shot from the Port De Barcelona building.

Another 34MP shot I took in the harbour. This one especially I think you'd like to see on Flickr...

Later in the evening, in a bar, I enjoyed a cheap glass of wine that reminded me of sherry more. Tasted real nice and for €1 a glass you won't hear me complain.

And the last one, another night shot: it reminded me quite a bit of The Treachery of Images by the French artist René Magritte.

I've shared the link already: all original shots are on a dedicated set of the PureViewClub Photostream on Flickr.

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