Photosynth finally on Windows Phone 8!

Just now, Joe Belfiore shared on Twitter that Microsoft's  Photosynth is being published in the Windows Phone Store. This app - dearly missed by me on my Nokia Lumia 920 - will allow you to make some incredible 3D shots on your device. It was one of the most missed applications on Windows Phone 8.

Joe Belfiore wrote in two messages: Today’s new #WP8 app… PHOTOSYNTH! Re-architected to work fast-and-easy as a camera lens… only for # WP. Try it! It took a little longer as a result, but I think the experience is great. Let us know what you think!

Well, I'd just love to, but for some reason I can't download it yet - my store is telling me "my software version is not supported". Yeah right. Quite frustrating, of course, but I've learned a lot about Zen after waiting for Portico. Maybe you'll have more luck on your Nokia Lumia 920 (or other WP8 device).

Joe Belfiore also writes: BTW… that’s two top-requested apps in one week. We know you’re waiting for others and we’re working hard to deliver them. Although I'm no part of this social network, I wonder when Instagram will be next.

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