The coral reefs of Hilversum, testing the Sony Xperia Z - under water.

I've been here before, De Rifwachter in Hilversum has an astonishing collection of colorful fish and coral polyps. The first time I was there is quite some time ago: I visited the place to make shots with my Nokia 808 PureView I only had for a few weeks.

In Finding Nemo and Friends you'll find the whole story - please don't forget to check it if you didn't do so already, I still love that post and I really think it's worth your time. This is one shot from that post to inspire you.

Also, that post is way more "on topic" than this one in fact, since I will be showing a test with the Sony Xperia Z here. Why? Because I'm interested in new cameraphones in general, and I love to compare them with the ones offering PureView technology. And because I think the next PureView Lumia flagship should be waterproof too - like the Sony Xperia Z is.

Now I've read Nokia is in fact working on a waterproof new device already with a "nano-coated 2PI coating". You'll find that story on  GSMarena, where they found the story on the Russian  MobilTelefon. To be complete here is MyNokiaBlog's comment on that story. So there is hope already! :-)

Sony has "waterproof " as a unique selling point since the previous Xperia V and I think it's extremely practical. Not only when you accidently drop it in a glass of beer (or worse), or when you're calling outside and it starts to rain. Also, you can make underwater recordings with it - without any protective case that is - and that's what I did today: not from behind the glass this time, but in the water itself.

If I would have lived in a region with coral reefs, I would have gladly made these recordings there. But this is second best I think: it gives you a good impression of what the Sony Xperia Z is capable of, and I'm happy to share it here also maybe to inspire Nokia even more to really think of adding this to their next flagship PureView Lumia (it never hurts to ask, right? :-)

One last thing: you'll see recordings of three basins filled with salt water. After recording I cleaned my phone with clear tap water for about five minutes. You should do so too when you try anything like this in salt water, because the device may be waterproof, salt water will probably damage it if you don't.

Here we go. Don't forget to choose fullHD (1080p) if your connection is fast enough. And as I like to say:  enjoy! I hope Nokia is watching this as well.

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