Some new nice shots from my Twitter timeline

I wrote a post about it before, the great PureView shots I find in my Twitter timeline. In this post I will highlight a few new ones I recently tweeted myself, or retweeted from others.

But if you have a look at the official Twitter browser, you'll notice six pictures on the right side. If you click on the first, a gallery will open, where you can click through all shots I (re)tweeted in the past - pretty handy I think, you might like that too.

First, Singapore skyline by Julian Li, shared by @Nokianesia. By the way, all shots were made using the Nokia 808 PureView.

Delcious bokeh by @josephskumar

My friend's cat Tao, by me.

Rainy Sunday in Sevilla, by @Nonius9

Dome by @nanilabaig

Hi res pink flower by @stephenquin58

HDR by @petaqui

London by @DaxHalo

Empty Barcelona train station by me

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