Camera and Gallery update for Nokia 808 PureView (and how to get it)

Just a very short update  to let you know Nokia has released another update for the Nokia 808 PureView. It was @SteveLitchfield on AllAboutSymbian bringing the good news, noting the next changes (and I quote from his article)

Effectively you can now:

  • multi-select photos and share them to Facebook, Flickr or Twitter
  • multi-select photos and email them en-masse to specific recipients
  • long press a photo from the main gallery thumbnail view, to send, share or delete it
  • in the Camera application, access the general Preferences from the info pane in any shooting mode (e.g. Auto or Scenes)
  • see at a glance, again in Camera, but in 'Creative' mode, a summary of the main changes made for each of the creative presets, along with a (more) handily placed 'reset' button

No update? Get it yourself
I didn't get it on my phone however yesterday, nor checking on Nokia Suite on my PC. So I thought I might have to be very patient once more, but suddenly I saw a tweet from Rv Cuarto, sending me over to his NokiaRevolution, where you can find a direct download link to the exact same files you need (apparantly the files come from  Daily Mobile Forum).

So I borrowed the next shot from his site and suggest you to go over there and download and install the files, like I did late yesterday evening. Didn't have time to work with it yet, but the changes mentioned by Steve give me the impression that this is a small, but important update. Nokia Belle is getting better and better! :-)

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