Serious Megapixels: Nokia N8, 808 PureView, Nokia Lumia 920, Sony Xperia S and Xperia Z

Maybe this is not very relevant to many, but I just happen to like do stuff like this: compare serious smartphone cameras. Now, the definition of "serious" is getting more and more tricky. Some brands say "it's not about megapixels anymore", whereas many (like me :-) strongly believe in the great possibilities of the 41MP sensor of the Nokia 808 PureView.

So just to be sure, I chose the 12MP sensor as starting point of this comparison. I would have loved to include the HTC One in this comparison too. Although it "only" has a 4MP (!) sensor, the "ultrapixel" technology looks like it's a bit more than just marketing lingo, and this would have been a fantastic opportunity to compare it with the "big sensors". I didn't get a review sample yet, though, so there's not much I can do about it at this moment.

In this comparison, you will see 5 x 6 shots taken outside with - in chronological order - the Nokia N8 (2010), Sony Xperia S (2012), Nokia 808 PureView (2012), Nokia Lumia 920 (2012/13) and Sony Xperia Z (2013).

Quite simple, there were hardly any other smartphone cameras boasting a similar resolution - the only one springing to my mind is the HTC Titan II (16MP), but that was never officially released in The Netherlands as far as I know.

With these smartphone cameras, you will see shots of three different buildings and three other outdoor scenes - it's all quite simple, really, and I can't promiss I couldn't have made a better shot with all phones. No tripod, everything by hand, all settings on auto mostly (you'll see one shot from the Nokia 808 in full resolution). Some shots are in 16:9, most in 4:3 format.

Directly after the five sample shots, you'll see five similar, random crops I got from the originals. All crops are in 640 x 360, since I planned to present the results in a video: I feel quite sure you wouldn't like to scroll through sixty results... Of course, you can, since I'm putting the complete collection on Flickr as well :-)

So it's all just a bunch of snapshots really, that should be able to give us all a general impression of how these smartphone cameras compare in sunny daylight conditions. Again, this is more fun than science, I'm not trying to "prove" any point here, and I'll leave the conclusion to you. Choose for 1080p if your connection is fast enough - I hope you'll enjoy it! :-)

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