For sale: two "Nokia Time Warp" devices: 9000 Communicator (sold) and N800 Internet Tablet

Since the PureViewClub is costing me more money than making me, I will be selling some of the devices I bought for the Nokia Time Warp. Reluctantly, the  Nokia 9000 Communicator and the  Nokia N800 Internet Tablet are the first that will have to leave the club. Both are in mint condition inclusing the packages, I might add, and I don’t think you’ve ever seen something offered with so many detailed shots (please see the links I added). Please don't just think of it as buying a collector's item, but also as showing your love for the Nokia brand, and as a way of supporting the PureViewClub... As far as the Nokia 9000 Communicator is concerned: it will charge, but it won’t start – when you’re more technical than I am (and who isn’t), it might not be too hard to get it up and running again. The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet is as good as new and working perfectly. If you are interested to buy one of these (or both) from me, please don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail with your maximum bid as well (marc at pureviewclub dot com). Of course, the highest bidder gets the Nokia Time Warp device of his or her choice (or both). Shipping and handling costs will have to be added, so depending on where you live I’ll have to check what that would amount to. So please don’t be shy if you want one of these collector’s items, show your love for the PureViewClub and support it by buying! :-)

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