Listen to the birds in Nokia 808's Rich Recording

Since my daughter sometimes has to take part in a competition (of  rhythmic gymnastics), I come in places I would otherwise never see in my life. Today, I am in the small Belgium town of Mol and I still have to wait for a few hours before she will do her performance. So I had time to walk around town.

It's pretty cold and grey, but there was quite a nice bird market where I made some shots before I realized the sound was maybe even more overwhelming than the colors of the small birds themselves. And a you probably know, it's always fun to astonish people with the amazing sound quality of Rich Recording in the Nokia 808 PureView.

I think this is a pretty good example of that... So if you can, take your best headset  (choose 1080p if your internet connection is fast enough) and: listen to the birds! Please note the stereo sound was recorded directly on the Nokia 808 PureView and not edited, post produced or filtered in any way - what you hear is what you get - enjoy! :-)

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