PocketNow: Nokia Lumia 920 vs. HTC One

Wow, this is about what I want to do so badly - PocketNow is just a lot faster in getting their hands on the HTC One. They’re putting it up against the Nokia Lumia 920 and write:

The 920 bears Nokia’s premium “PureView” branding, but besides its unique optical image stabilization and stellar low-light performance, the Windows-powered smartphone packs another significant advantage: its 8.7MP sensor is more than twice the resolution of the HTC One’s 4MP module. Does this mean an automatic win for the Finnish phone? You’ll want to jump on down to the raw images in the dual galleries at the bottom of this piece to determine that for yourself – but on the way, we’ll show you a few hand-picked examples of where each camera shines … and where it doesn’t.

In this post I will only share some comparison shots. If you want to see them in larger or the original format as well, if you want to read their analysis and conclusions, go to  PocketNow for the original post, I'm sure you'll like it!

Medium-Long Distance, Moderate light

Medium-Short Distance, Dim Light

Close-Up, Moderate Light

Long Distance, Extremely Low Light

Exposure Challenge

To conclude this post, I'm embedding the two videos PocketNow is offering in this comparison

Kudos to PocketNow for a comparison I was looking forward to making as well. Job well done!

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