Nokia Purity Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headset by Monster: a fantastic high-end headset

Yesterday I - finally - received the famous yellow Nokia Purity Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headset by Monster. That's a long name for an expensive headset. At the Dutch PDAshop you'll see they cost almost €290 here in the Netherlands (price was changed recently from €330). I didn't buy one, I received a review sample to try it out - for my Dutch site in fact, but it would be strange not to write about this headset here.

First, it is so hot it was in fact stolen from one of the Nokia employees during the Mobile World Congress this year - someone was crazy enough to just grab a Purity headset like this from the neck of one of the guys working at the Nokia stand and disappear in the crowd. So is it worth it to take a risk like that?

It's certainly easier than unpacking it from the original box - it comes in a kind of vault and it took me about 20 minutes to get it out of the package (because you don't want to damage the package, especially not if you need to send it back). Here's the vault.

And here are some unpacking shots...

You'll also find two small boxes in the vault. One is containing the manual (in several languages), a cable if you can't use Bluetooth (like on a plane) and the usual stuff (standard micro-USB) you'll need to charge it with. After charging you can use the device for 24 hours or it can be standby for a week.

In the other box you will find this pouch to carry your headset attached to your belt - to avoid people from grabbing it from your neck, for instance.

Pairing the device is incredibly simple thanks to NFC. You hold your NFC enabled phone to the NFC symbol on the headset and your phone will directly ask you if you want to pair it. I tested it with the Nokia Lumia 920, the Nokia 808 PureView, the Sony Xperia Z and it all works like a charm.

When you put if on your head, you will notice a soft "click" and suddenly all noise surrounding you seems to be gone. I noticed that during the Mobile World Congress already, when one of the Nokia guys demonstrated the effect.

He put the Nokia Purity Pro on my head and all of a sudden I stood in silence - more or less. It just filters so much of the sound around you it's almost frightning - like your head suddenly goes under water.

Of course,  this creates an ideal atmosphere to listen to your music, and I must say it sounds absolutely fantastic. There are buttons next to the earpieces too, to skip a song, pause the music or adjust the volume. You can even answer a phonecall with this headset, although there is no noticable microphone - call quality really surprised me in a short test.

So you can leave your device in your bag or inside pocket while listening to the music, and you won't have to be afraid to miss a call. It will close the connection if you "close" the headset (folding both parts together) and it will connect immediately to the last device you connected it with, when you open the headset again.

The only disavantage I can think of is that after a while your ears might become pretty warm because of the soft leatherlike material used. And - of course - some idiot might grab it from your head while you're enjoying the music in the street and take a run for it. Because it's quite expensive gear to own, and although I've used it for just a short time now, I really think it's worth it.

Update - comparing some headsets
Since I'm working for radio in the past few decades (time flies when you're have fun), I've collected quite a few headsets. This morning I got around comparing this Nokia Purity Pro Bluetooth Stereo Headset by Monster with the Zennheiser HD 485, the AKG K271 Studio en the Beyer Dynamic DT 770. These are no Bluetooth headsets, so I used the wire for the Nokia Purity Pro as well.

Now I know these other headsets are older, but you can still buy them. I also know they won't cost you as much.  And yes, I know I should compare it to one of the other famous products by Monster, the Beats by Dr Dre headset - point is I don't have that and in fact I don't know anyone who does (and I'm not planning on buying one).

I've been comparing these headsets in music by Pink Floyd (Money, in a remastered version of their timeless album The Dark Side of the Moon), Donald Fagen (I'm not the same without you from his last album Sunken Condos) and an artist you might not know but I think you should listen to, jazz singer Gregory Porter (Real Good Hands, from his album Be Good, I´ll add the song below).

I was quite surprised by the outcome of this comparison. I've been listening at both the Music Player from the Nokia Lumia 920 as the Walkman from Sony's Xperia Z, both on maximum volume. The AKG and Beyer Dynamic both sounded much softer than the Zennheiser and Nokia Purity Pro. The AKG had a bit more of a metalic feel to it, and the Zennheiser sounded muffled in comparison with the Nokia Purity Pro.

I already knew the Nokia Purity Pro sounded really good, but this small comparison proved to me it's the best headphone I can use at this moment. That's not just because of the noise cancellation, but because of the output and the very rich, dynamic and clear sound.

PS For my Dutch readers: you'll find a bit cheaper offer over at MobielBereikbaar (€250).

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