Fantastic Nokia 808 PureView video from Dubai

I found this video thanks to Jay Montano from MyNokiaBlog: fantastic footage shared on Vimeo by Roldan Narag - he's a professional photographer from Dubai and this video was shot there too, from the Metro, the title says...

He's obviously been lucky too, being allowed to shoot a video from the driver's seat so to say - I've asked it once, but had to file an official request... Maybe he did, I don't know. It's not just from the driver's seat by the way, as you will see.

I love this video - it looks like a dream, in a way also because of its colors - it's not black and white, but it isn't full-color either. And I love the music as well. Hope you'll like it too! :-)

Metro Station by Nokia 808 from Roldan Narag on Vimeo

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