Nokia #PrrrView - (not only) for cat lovers :-)

Of course, it started as a pun on "PureView", but it seems that my #PrrrView hashtag on Twitter has somewhat caught on the past weeks: dedicated to cats captured with the Nokia 808 PureView or Nokia Lumia 920.

And although I'm on thin ice here, there must be something between (mobile) photographers and cats. I've been monitoring tons of shots on Twitter made with the Nokia 808 PureView and/or Nokia Lumia 920, and there weren't many dogs captured with it. Of course, there's the charming little dog Baron Chat keeps featuring on his blog, and I have been sharing some dog love here as well, as you can see in this post and this one).

So let me be clear I have nothing against dogs (I'd love to have one myself, but my cat is far from convinced yet). Anyway, dogs don't "prrr", so here are some - I think - cute #PrrrView shots shared on Twitter, and I love to share them here. You'll see who the photographer is above the #PrrrView picture.

Olivier (@MusicAddict1)

Richard Dorman (@Sheridan01) (on Flickr)

Chani (@Chanimehro)

Olivier (@MusicAddict1)

Barry Wadey (@BarryWadey)

Guillermo Parada (@ginpb)

Berry Theunissen (@BerryTh)

  Marc Wielaert (@PureViewClub :-)

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