A big shootout with the Nokia 808 PureView, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC One and Nokia N95

A few days ago, on AllAboutSymbian, Steve Litchfield published his impressive "big shootout", comparing the new HTC One with the King of Camphones Nokia 808 PureView, the Nokia Lumia 920 and - surprisingly - the 5MP Nokia N95. The last contender is interesting since obviously it would make more sense to use the Nokia N8 in a comparison like this.

Steve however, seemed to be confident enough the Nokia N95 could prove its 5MP sensor (with bigger pixels) would be a serious competitor for HTC One. I'm getting quite frustrated I'm not able to make comparisons like this myself, but there's not much I can do - I couldn't even buy one if I had the money.

So for the full story and analysis, I'll have to send you to AllAboutSymbian - I've seen enough blogs that just copy all content and I don't like that much when I see it with my own shots. So I just picked two examples and can only advise you to check the source. Moreover, the shots you'll see here are resized.

First a church. The full shot shown on the site is captured with the HTC One

To go into detail, Steve shows crops from the Nokia N95, 808, Lumia 920 and HTC One (clockwise, starting on the left)

Clear to see the details on the HTC One in this case are not the best in this example.

Next shot I chose from Steve's comparison is one of a kitchen.

Again, you will see the Nokia N95, 808, Lumia 920 and HTC One (clockwise, starting on the left)

I can only urge you to visit the original post, since after many more examples, Steve comes up with a few quite exciting conclusions - for one thing, after several tests, the HTC One ends in second place after (no wonder)  the Nokia 808 PureView. And the Lumia 920 doesn't even take the bronze medal... I've linked his post a few times in this post, here's one more.

Great post Steve, I'll hope to have the chance to realize something similar in the near future.

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