Inspiring competition: crazy Nokia Music Mix - make three music styles really clash!

Yes, I know - I'm quite late with this, I'm sorry, I just learned about it. Already a week ago Nokia Conversations started their third Nokia Lumia Challenge - the crazy Nokia Music Mix. But it's not too late to enter (it closes midnight GMT Tuesday 26th of March).

So you still have a few days to try to get your hands on the Nokia Lumia 920 and charging pad, or (second prize) the   Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster - the one I recently wrote this raving review about, and to be honest: that's the one I'm participating for myself (although I wouldn't mind an extra Nokia Lumia 920 :-)

From the original post I quote: The challenge is very simple and is inspired by the cool ‘create a mix’ feature on  Nokia Music. Within Nokia Music you can create your own mix consisting of three different artists. And what we want to see from you are some crazy mix suggestions! To enter, think of three artists whose music and style really clash with each other, then Tweet your crazy mix using the #NokiaLumiaChallenge hashtag.

Here's my first attempt, maybe you'll find it inspiring enough to join the competition as well!

Oh and I added Crazy Nokia Music Mix 1 - that's my initiative, not what Nokia expects you to do. Think of the craziest music styles that really would make you go crazy if you'd hear them on the radio, pick three and make them clash as hard as you can :-)

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