Show your love, support the PureViewClub!

I write this post with some hesitation, but I don't have much of a choice. The really great thing about the PureViewClub is that it gets more and more visitors who appear to like the atmosphere so much they’re happy to return here – it really keeps me going and I’m always happy to offer new content at the club.

The disadvantage is, the club is costing me more than it makes. Where other sites aren’t shy to add many banners (some even offering the possibility to get acquainted with young women...) I like to keep the club clean.

Looking for sponsors, I discover the PureViewClub is way too international for Dutch companies to advertise… For larger international companies on the other hand, the club appears to be too small and focused on one subject: mobile photography with pureview technology. We may think the world of that, but it’s been clear from the start I’d be serving a “niche market”.

So now I’m turning to you, reader, visitor, club member :-)
Maybe you work at a company that could be interested in sponsoring the PureViewClub, maybe you are interested contributing to the club yourself in some way.

For companies with serious interest, I have the banner space you already see at the club. If you are, or your company is interested in advertising on the frontpage, email me: marc at pureviewclub dot com (writing it this way to avoid bots).

For private sponsors I added a “ sponsors” button at the top of the page. I will add your name if you make a contribution. I will mention it behind your name if you make a second (or third, etc.) contribution.

If you make a contribution (from €100 and up), I will add a permanent link to your website for one year (provided it's got nothing to do with gambling or pr0n, etc. - I'm kind of old-fashioned that way).

Please note you don't have to pay anything to keep visiting the club or become a Forum member. But if you can afford it, I'd love to welcome you as a sponsor of the PureViewClub. Think about it. And thank you in advance :-)

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