Ferrari 808 PureView (II) - crops from 34MP

Of course, I'm not done yet with the Ferrari shots I made at Kroymans in Hilversum. In this post you will crops I made in 640 x 480 from some of the 34MP full resolution shots by the Nokia 808 PureView. You will find an insane amount of detail, but als - as is perfectly logical - some noise in these shots.

If you're not familiar with the Nokia 808 PureView (you might have found this post because of Ferrari): the Nokia 808 doesn't "oversample" your shots when you're in "full resolution" mode. Hence you will get either 38MP shots (when you choose 4:3 format) or 34MP shots (like the ones below. Keep in mind these are resized versions, of course, the huge originals are on the dedicated set on Flickr.

Not much more to add, really. Enjoy these, in the next post I'll show you some crops from the 8MP PureView shots.

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