Ferrari 808 PureView (III) - PureView crops

As promised, here is the third post about my  Nokia 808 PureView Ferrari shots. In the second post, I showed you some crops from the full resolution originals (34MP).

As I've explained over there - just in case you are a new visitor and not familiar with the Nokia 808 PureView - you don't get any of its PureView magic if you choose for full resolution, hence you will get more noise in the picture.

When you choose 8MP PureView however, all information from the sensor will be oversampled eliminating (most of) the noise in the picture. If you would choose for 5MP this effect would be even stronger, but I happen to like the 8MP setting (size does matter :-).

Now since the original size of the shot is smaller, you will get more from the picture in a 640 x 480 crop. In the following shots it's clear to see you indeed get much less noise. Once again, the original shots are all on Flickr.

If you like Ferrari's design as much as I do and you want to relax for five minutes, I can only advise you to have a look at the video I made using all original shots  here. The previous two posts from today are here (1) and here (2).

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