Shoot the moon - with the Nokia 808 PureView

Just a very short post before going to sleep. I was getting pretty frustrated by the fact that I never could manage to get a good (not even reasonable) shot from the full moon, and after sharing my frustration on Twitter, I almost directly received a fantastic tip from @Massis_ about which settings to use.

If you don't know what you're doing, you'll get a result like this - it could be a lamp post on a foggy night.

Seeing this, you'll understand I was disappointed. This evening I got the tip to use these settings:

- Nokia 808 PureView in Creative mode
- choose full resolution in 4:3 for 38MP resolution,
- put ISO on 50,
- ND and Flash ON,
- Exposure on -4 (that's minus!) and
- don't forget to choose hyperfocal Infinity!

This is the crop from the very first result I got from these settings - and I didn't even use a tripod (but rested my hand on the balcony).

The difference is quite clear, just as the moon tonight over here. Maybe you'll  have the chance tonight to try it out yourself, have fun! :-)

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