Nokia Time Warp IX: unpacking the Nokia N70, captured with the Nokia Lumia 920

Yes, you read that right: I'm travelling this 9th (!)  edition of the Nokia Time Warp with the Nokia Lumia 920... The device at hand is not very old, although 8 years are light years in this business. So to get the largest possible distance between the two devices, I chose the Lumia 920. But I did it also to show that it's very well possible to realize beautiful close-ups with it. About the Nokia N70 - I'm extremely happy I received it from friends in the Netherlands, especially for the Nokia Time Warp Series. Despite its age, it's in a 100% mint condition - it looks like someone just found it as an unsold and untouched package in the back of a store. So I took the time to make a large amount of shots. I'm not sure if the N70 was a very popular device in 2005/2006. It's the first of the Nokia N-series, but I can't remember seeing many people using it, in fact. It was announced together with two other "multimedia computers", but I don't think the N90 and N91 were very succesful either. Nokia was the undisputed market leader and could afford to experiment. The big success of the N-series came with the Nokia N95 and N95 8GB no doubt, and in fact I'm still looking for all those in a mint condition like this N70... Here are the pictures to show what I mean. First a few shots from the package itself. Nokia is welcoming the user to the "N-series" on the back. And here's the front of the box in all it's colorful glory... When you open the box, Nokia welcomes you to your N70... - you'll see it immediately, too. Back in 2005/2006, this view must have been so exciting! First though, the rest of the content of the package, like the software on CD, the headset, other accessories - like the 64MB (!) MultiMediaCard, et cetera. From here, I'd like to share some of the large amount of booklets you got in those years - in The Netherlands even double. Because in Belgium they speak Dutch and French, you'll find all booklets in both languages, so over here we get those as well. I was surprised to find one small leaflet in English - about Nokia XpressTransfer and Nokia XpressPrint. I saw these two services mentioned on the back of the package already, and that was for the first time I noticed them to be honest. I'm sure I never used them... And now, some detailed shots from the N70 itself - like I wrote, the first of Nokia's N-series, the "multimedia computers" as they called them at the time, stressing the point that a smartphone had become so much more than just a device to communicate with. First the front from three sides. Than the back, with a silver colored plastic backside you can slide down to reveal (and start) the 2MP camera. And it has a front facing camera as well... It's not very often I have to check the manual to be absolutely certain about how to open the device. I did in this case, so I might as well share the part of the manual explaining - in French, since I'm sure more people read French than Dutch. And when opened, you'll see this - not very different from many other Nokia smartphones from that period. And this is the backside seperated from the phone. And does it start? Yes, it does! These last two shots are a bit "golden", which has to do with the light of the lamp over my desk (I didn't want to use the flash in this case). First the classic "Connecting People" logo in the screen, and to conclude the typical Symbian Series 60 menu (in Dutch). All these shots were made with the Nokia Lumia 920 and I must say I'm very pleased with the result. I'm still looking for interesting classic Nokia smartphones to capture in a Nokia Time Warp like this (especially the gorgeous N-series!), but the older they are, the harder it gets to find them in a mint state like this. So I'll just have to wait and see which one will be next. If you can help, don't hesitate to let me know :-) Here you'll find all editions of the Nokia Time Warp

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