Back to the future: 1965 consumer photography

Ouch. Something went terribly wrong when I tried to return from my last Nokia Time Warp... I seem to have tripped, accidently pushed a wrong button and ended up in... 1965...

But hey, here I found the Polaroid Land Model 103, one of the very early Polaroid 100-400 series line of "folding Packfilm Land Cameras" - complete in its case, in near-mint condition... Imagine my amazement :-)

With my Nokia 808 PureView, I captured this technological innovation from way back. It sold for around $90 that year. That looks like a bargain, but - so this inflation calculator tells me - it amounts to about $657 in 2013. So my guess is it was pretty high-end at the time. Yes I know, there are many other and much older cameras like this - but I happened to come across this old Polaroid. Did you - or your parents - ever use it?

No, it has got nothing to do with mobile communication, let alone Nokia - the only link is that I captured it with the Nokia 808 PureView, and I can only hope you'll like this selection of the shots I made. I captured them not just because it's an old camera, but the whole package was incredibly complete, being almost 50 years old. And because this is what "mobile photography" used to be about...

Here we go. First, a close up of the leather case.

The rusty lock...

The content - 100% complete as far as I can tell...

Set up completely, including the flash, from several sides.

A few shots without the flash attached.

The button to set the distance.

This covers it up

A remarkable amount of accessories - you can read what they are on the plastic boxes below.

This is a very remarkable accessory: an self-timer that physically pushes the camera button when the time is up...

Obviously, this is the flash you've already seen in the first shots - you'll see the box with flash bulbs below

The booklet is in Dutch.

I made a few more shots of things to read (one of them even in English), but I put those in the dedicated set on Flickr because they're too hard to read when I resize them.

Does it still work? Yes, to my amazement it does. Here's shot the owner of this Polaroid made from my Nokia 808 PureView and Lumia 920 - in black and white, since he left his color film at home.

But there are a few more people still using the Polaroid Land Model 103, as I found on Tumblr (some nudity involved by the way).

This is what consumer photography looked like in 1965. According to The Land List - Pack Film cameras Polaroid manufactured between 650.000 and 800.000 of this type, and like I wrote, there were many more brands in the previous century - most of them are history now. Obsolete, gone forever...

Amazing, isn't it? Anyway, I have to think of a way to get out of 1965 and back to the future. My guess is it will take me a few days... I wish you a Happy Easter! :-)

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