Easter Fire - in close-up and rich recording

Just a short video, a compilation of a few takes from last evening close to one of many  Easter Fires, this one being on the border between the Netherlands and Germany (in Nordhorn, to be precise). As you can see in the link, it's a wide spread habit in Northern Europe to celebrate Easter Sunday with large fires.

Over here, it's still stone cold, so it was really nice to warm my hands near the huge fire - and the Nokia 808 PureView in them. Once again, the result stunned me, not just because of the quality of color or the amount of detail when zooming (in Full HD), but also because of Rich Recording...

Just listen to this with your headphone on, you'll hear the people enjoying themselves, the music in the background and the fire crack in what sounds like a perfect balance to me... Hope you'll enjoy it! (choose 1080p to get really warm :-)

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