Dreaming of the new PureView Nokia Lumia

This is going to sound pretty sick maybe, but last night I dreamt of a new Nokia Lumia PureView device. I can't illustrate this post of course, but it looked somewhat more like a compact camera than the Lumia devices we know now. It had the aluminium  casing that's already rumoured about, and if I needed to compare it to a real Nokia model, I guess the N900 would come closest, but it wasn't as heavy at all - and it didn't have the qwerty keyboard.

Guess in my dream I figured it needed the space for the 41MP sensor we all hope to see in the real next PureView Lumia, bringing the best of both "PureView 1 and 2" to its successor. The buttons on the top - holding the device like a camera - were of the same material as the ones we know from the current Lumia's, only in silver  to match the case better. Why on earth am I writing all this?

Because I also "saw" some interesting features it offered. Slow-motion recording for one thing - something someone in my Twitter timeline suggested, so I stole that idea, but I don't know who from anymore (can't find the tweet). Thanks to the 41MP sensor I could now choose to make shots in 4:3 and 16:9 format at the same time - I remember I found that very practical, now that I'm awake I'm not sure why anymore.

This "dream Lumia PureView" also offered the possibility to make "horizontal panorama's" (which made me kinda proud) and you could manually change the shutter time - in fact, the whole menu we know from the Lumia range had changed into a menu like the one on the Nokia 808 PureView, offering even  more possibilities - but I'm not sure which ones though (remember, this was just a dream).

Finally, it indeed offered solar charging as Nokia has been hinting. I realized they invent by looking at things in another perspective - don't focus on the size of the battery, but on the way it charges. Solar energy of course is a logical solution for the standby issue of many current smartphones - I can only hope this dream will come true.

So much for last night's dream. I won't add a mockup of some kind, it's useless. Use your imagination - and if you feel like it, let me know what your  "dream" Nokia PureView could (or should) offer below. Thanks! :-)

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