Jose James in front of my Nokia 808 PureView

Although of course I would have loved to, unfortunately I couldn't record the song he played with the Nokia 808 PureView (quite simply because due to unexpected circumstances I arrived too late :-/) .

But I was in time to get this - I think - fantastic shot of the American vocalist I probably admire most of all: Jose James was in our studio (as you might have read here earlier in daily life I work for the Dutch station Radio 6 Soul & Jazz).

I took some shots with colleagues who admire his blend between jazz and hiphop just as much. He proved to be extremely friendly (as I more or less expected), and he didn't mind posing at the station's logo at all. So here is that shot (with the Nokia 808 in Creative mode, 4:3, all on settings on auto, flash on). If you don't know his music yet, do  check it out, Jose James is something else!

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