Mumford and Sons in Rich Recording. Again.

It's not the first time to feature a Mumford and Sons recording here at the PureViewClub. The first one was a recording made close to the stage on the Dutch festival Pinkpop last year.

On March 30 this year, the group visited the huge Ziggodome in Amsterdam, and Corina Maaswinkel brought the Nokia 808 PureView from her husband Joran, who previously has made great recordings of Coldplay with it.

This was all shot from a great distance so the video isn't that great - I don't think any zoom was used in fact. But the sound quality is absolutely amazing once again! So here are all three recordings she made: two of Mumford and Sons own songs, and as a finale Robbie Robertson's ( The Band) classic song The Weight... Enjoy!

White Blank Page

On YouTube

Thistle and weeds

On YouTube

Finale: The Weight (Robbie Robertson)

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