Nokia 808 in Haiderabad, Hyderābād or हैदराबाद

It's a large city in the South of India and I never heard of it before - shows you what you know. Hyderābād - I copied this way of writing it somewhere, just like I copied the Hindi way in the title - is already centuries old (established in 1591) and now around seven million people live there (you'll find all information in the wiki link).

One of my PureViewClub friends - Nikhil Joshi from Mumbai - visited the place recently and sent me a few of the shots he captured with his Nokia 808 PureView. So I figured that when I never even heard of the place, many other people might be interested to see some of his shots as well. Here you go, hope you'll like them too!

Now especially the last shot will make you curious to see the originals too I guess, so I put them at the dedicated PureViewClub Friends Set on my Flickr Photostream. Don't forget to check those out too! :-)

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