Back to 1972... with the Polaroid SX-70

Recently, a colleague of mine seems to have started gathering old classic Polaroids (if in mint condition). You may have seen my earlier post on  his 1965 Polaroid already. Last week he found a Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera - you'll find all information you need about it here on  Camerapedia and of course on Wikipedia.

In that previous Polaroid post I bothered you with a lot of shots, this time I made a short video compilation of what I captured from this Polaroid with my Nokia 808 PureView. The shots were made inside, and I had to use the flash quite often to get the best result.

So after consumer photography in 1965, this is what people used seven years later - and many more, since this type of Polaroid was produced until 1981! This is the first one I've ever seen in real life, though... Did you ever use it yourself, or did you see your parents use it when you were a kid? I look forward to read your memories.

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