Nokia 808: vertical panorama of a TV Tower

This morning I made several shots from a TV Tower near my office. It's one of the largest towers in my neighbourhood, so I thought it would be interesting to see the details in a 34MP capture of it, and to try and make a vertical panorama of it, using the Panorama option of Camera Lover Pack in the Nokia 808 PureView.

Since just about all shots will be vertical, this post will take a lot of scrolling - I hope you don't mind. First, here's the resized 34MP shot of the tower.

You'll find the  Original on Flickr so you can crop till you drop. I'll just show you one, from the top (640 x 640) - the distance is enormous (about 200 meters, 655 feet), the amount of detail still very impressive (I think).

I've shown the possibilities of a vertical panorama before, and of course, a tower this big just screems to be captured like that.

Now I have to be honest: this is the result after several attempts - it's not easy to keep all lines straight, you need patience and have to move slowly. This is the resized version of the best shot I got.

Original on Flickr

You can only realise a vertical panorama with the Nokia 808 PureView at this moment.  I've asked Nokia to make it possible to create a vertical panorama with the Lumia as well, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed we'll see it in the 920 after a software update or - who knows - the next PureView device...

Meanwhile, I'm curious if you like the vertical panorama concept. Don't hesitate to let me know! :-)

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