Is Nokia's Lumia 928 the next PureView device?

Sometimes you're looking for something so hard you don't see it when it's right in front of you. It  happened to me with the new @evleaks leaks of the new Nokia Lumia 928.

What did I tweet yesterday? "Maybe you expect me to go crazy after the recent @evleaks Nokia #Lumia928 leaks. I see a Xenon flash and a pretty big speaker. No PureView." Well, wrong, @nokiapoweruser corrected me. He wrote: #Lumia928 is only Lumia device with proper "PureView" branding etched on the camera strip". Whoops. I must have been blind.

So here they are, in the rebound, the leaks that have surfaced recently. To start with the camera strip itself (cropped, enlarged and enhanced by me):

Well, that's pretty obvious when shown like that. And I should have noticed it before, true. Guess I was waiting for a device with a noticably bigger sensor, not a much larger speaker...

And here's the leaked Nokia Lumia 928 in full:

And here's the first leaked shot, of the black version - you'd have to look real close to notice the speaker on this one...

One more detail to conclude, as follower Timothy Choi noticed: "Looks like a secondary mic at the top - stereo recording?"

That would be fantastic, to finally welcome stereo recording on the next Lumia, of course, but (as @EasycapExpertti pointed out) the Nokia Lumia 920 even has three mikes, and doesn't offer stereo recording.

Not yet that is, since in Barcelona I was told Nokia is still waiting for Microsoft to enable stereo recording in Windows Phone 8 - in other words: the Lumia 920 is ready, and it looks like the Lumia 928 is too. Maybe Microsoft is almost there.

So what do you think? Was I wrong expecting / hoping for a noticable bigger sensor? And should I go crazy now - because of a Xenon flash next to the LED, the bigger speaker and what looks like an extra microphone?

What kind of PureView will Nokia bring this time in this next Lumia? Bigger pixels are pretty much all I can think of at the moment, since it looks to be a thin design... And I've understood graphene technology is still far away.


Although NOT official, here a beautiful render of the next Lumia 928 in red, sent to me by Faisal B. Ahmed and made by Jonas Daehnert. Less thin than I would picture it, but if this is even close to the next Lumia, I think 'm game...

Original size here

PS in my timeline I now see some people don't believe the @evleaks shots of the #Lumia928 are for real...  Not at all, although @evleaks has a high score with their previous leaks, 100% with all Nokia Lumia devices even.

On the other hand  Guillermo Parado suggested it's the improved 920 for Verizon, not a new flagship. Do you think I've been excited about this too soon? Meanwhile, I think I do. I even changed the title of the post... Shows you how sure I am about all this :-)

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