#2InstaWithlove.... But do you love Instagram?

It is brilliant, no doubt: the app # 2InstaWithLove is a very creative way in which Nokia is trying to convince Instagram to finally make a Windows Phone version of its incredibly popular social network. As Nokia puts it: "It’s all about showing Instagram just how passionate the Windows Phone community is – so be creative, have fun and be sure to share your favourite photos with us using a social network of your choice."

And it made me wonder about a few things. Do you love Instagram as much, do you miss it in some way? I use Twitter to share my (and other people's) shots a lot, as you probably know. I share many shots in their original size on Flickr. I share shots on Facebook. Will I use Instagram when it finally comes to Windows Phone? I might. Probably. Would you?

Instagram started as we all know as an app to make crappy early iPhone shots look more interesting so it was actually worth it to share them with others. The others were all owners of an iPhone as well of course, and with the immense growth of that community, Instagram grew.

Instagram coming to Android was a real shock - the social network had opened it's doors to hell many appeared to think, they would be tortured with shots coming from cheaper devices that had Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony or HTC on them. The horror.

I was one of them, and I did share some shots using Android phones, but for some reason it didn't really convince me to be honest. I'm not sure why. I just logged in after months, and all I get to see now is one shot - looks like it's essential to stay connected to Instagram?

Next up: my (short) experience with the #2InstaWithLove app itself. It's is a great concept (and a great hashtag), and it's supposed to enable me to share my favourite photos using a social network of my own choice.

Here's what happened to me just now. Testing the app (it's really simple) I couldn't choose any other social network but Twitter. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, could be, but I don't see any possibility to choose Facebook for instance. Maybe it's just Twitter, since it has the hashtag.

Sending the shot using the app proved to be a bit funny too in my experience. Testing it, the picture of the rose I shared, didn't reach my PureViewClub timeline, but ended up in my private timeline... The official Twitter app however, is connected to the club. This proved to be my own  fault.

In Settings, I found that my private account is connected to Twitter - but there's no way to choose another Twitter account in the #2InstaWithLove app - not yet at least.

I can't add  a second Twitter account in Microsoft's menu either, so I had to delete the original (private) account and install the other one (pureviewclub) - setting it up takes ages it seems. I don't understand why this all has to be so complicated but hey - I'm not a programmer.

So there's still some work to be done on this app it seems, and I would appreciate Microsoft making some changes in the Settings menu (and make me add more accounts).

Other than that, I wonder if Instagram is impressed at all. And I wonder if you really care about Instagram as much as the hashtag suggests. Don't hesitate to let yourself be heard below...

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