Dutch boats on land - captured in HDR with the Nokia Lumia 920

I've been looking for some more interesting light conditions this weekend, to realize a few shots with the Nokia Lumia 920 and the HDR Photo Camera app I've been testing recently. So on my bike, I went to the lakes nearby, hoping I'd find some interesting boats there. And I found them I think, but not on the water...

So here's a selection of this Sunday's shots. I think I picked the "HDR shots I personally liked best for this post, but you can see all "standard" HDR variations on Flickr - and I made a short video so you can compare them in Full HD as well.

I don't have much to add, really - it's just a collection of beautiful boats under maintenance or still stored from winter. The contrast between light and dark might not be so intense as you would normally expect when using HDR, but I think it's interesting to see how much you can win under circumstances like these.

Oh and this time, I did select "high resolution processing" - it really takes longer, but I think the result is worth it (why would you be in a hurry anyway?)

So this is just a selection of all HDR results I got from the app. If you'd like to compare them all in detail, they are on Flickr, and if you just want to see them after each other in fullsize on your screen, here's a FullHD video I made out of them. Don't forget to choose 1080P to get the best result. Enjoy!

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