Mobile-Review's smartphone camera comparison suddenly appears to be quite useless to me...

I have to be honest with you: in my ambition to start a series of analyses of a tremendous amount of shots of many recent high-end smartphone cameras - provided by - I overlooked just one detail... Not so tiny and quite important.  I'll explain.

I'm so used to choosing either the 8MP PureView mode on the Nokia 808, or full resolution (be it 34MP or 38MP), that I would never expect anyone to choose a 5MP setting of the Nokia 808, to put it up against the new generation of high-end smartphone (13MP) cameras. I wouldn't even think of it.

For a fair comparison, you'd expect a comparison of all smartphones to the very best of their capacities. Not the guys from I downloaded all their shots and was stunned to see all Nokia 808 PureView shots were in 5MP (probably "scenes" mode)...

I'm not saying it's malicious, but it's a waste of everyone's time anyhow. I'm quite disappointed too, since I hoped to be able to get some detailed information about what the new generation of smartphones is capable of. The new generation I can't test myself at the moment. Compared to the Nokia 808 PureView that is, because I still believe it's miles ahead of the competition.

In all my comparisons I'm really trying to be as fair as possible. I'm actually looking forward to the smartphone that is able to come close to the Nokia 808, or even proves to be better. But if you are seriously looking for the very best smartphone camera, you shouldn't "cripple" the Nokia 808 PureView. That's just pathetic.

Anyway, I overlooked that simple fact - it was Musa Demirci, one of the PureViewClub friends on Facebook, who showed I missed it. What can I say. I'm disappointed, but after downloading all original shots I'm sure I don't need to spend any more time comparing the results presented by this site.

Not with what they are presenting from the Nokia 808 PureView that is, because we all know it can perform so much better than the site is showing. What a waste of time for them too (unless they're trying to prove something). Time to move on, I guess. Within a week I'll be able to test the Samsung Galaxy S4 myself and I'm looking forward to it even more!

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