HTC not to blame in Nokia "microphone case"

I've been writing about this since yesterday evening, so I might as well finish it today. In an interesting article over at the Dutch site AllAboutPhones I found all details on the case from Nokia vs. HTC's use of their microphone used in the HTC One. The case is not so much against HTC, as against ST Microelectronics.

ST Microelectronics was to produce the "Tufnell" microphone exclusively for Nokia for a period of one year, starting with the mass production of the Lumia 720 (the first smartphone with this specific microphone). Of course, ST Microelectronics was not allowed to sell the phone to other parties.

The bad news for HTC now is that it will have to look for another producer, since ST Microelectronics can't sell any microphone to other parties than Nokia anymore, until februari 2014 that is. For every microphone it will sell to HTC or other parties, it has to pay a fine of €50.000, with a maximum of one million euro.

HTC is not to blame in this case, since the company didn't know about the agreement between ST Microelectronics and Nokia. That's why the HTC One won't  be forbidden in The Netherlands. It's obvious however, this will be a major setback for HTC that already has experienced so many production problems with the HTC One - and not only in The Netherlands.

You'll find the original article here (let Google translate be your friend), the  verdict is here (Dutch).

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