On the difference between microphones...

A short update about this interesting video shared by @ EasycapExpertti's on his excellent blog Nokia808Recordings. It's a painful example of what the microphone Nokia developped is capable of in HTC's One - compared to a non high-quality microphone as found in Samsung's Galaxy S3 (and absolutely not able to handle high volumes).

So it's between the microphone I've been writing my previous posts about and a "normal" mike. Now you can hear why HTC must have been really happy to be able to buy this microphone for the HTC One. Don't put your speakers too loud, your ears will bleed!

By the way: I've written a few times before about the amazing way Nokia's Rich Recording handles very high volumes. Be sure to listen to this ambulance passing and - much louder even! - a Finnish F18 Hornet fighter jet! And my own recent recording of this version of Shocking Blue's  Venus was pretty loud, too. Don't miss the power of Rich Recording! :-)

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