Sound and vision: Nokia 808 vs HTC One

I have to be honest with you: I missed this one, don't ask me why. It's from an older post over at  PocketNow - I remember seeing the pics but I didn't notice their short video so I'm sharing it here now. Of course, this is all in the slipstream of the "Nokia vs HTC" events from the past days. I think this will be my last post about this subject for the time being.

If I missed it, chances are you did too, so I hope you'll like this comparison as well. Not just because of the difference in video quality, but also because of the difference in sound. It's easy to see the difference in video, but as far as the sounds goes, you'll need a headset to really experience what I mean. And there is no denying the recording of the Nokia 808 PureView sounds a lot better...

Mind you: the whole trial has been about the patented Lumia 720 microphone HTC bought for its One. After this video you'll know the Nokia 808 PureView sounds a lot better... Is it because of the stereo recording? The HTC One sounds a lot "thinner", but you'll hear the recording is stereo as well.

I'd be interested in publishing a video/soundcomparison with the Nokia Lumia 720 and Nokia 808 PureView, so if you own both, let me know, thanx!

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