A personal note on the occasion of post nr. 750

Hi there :-) I started writing my first post at the PureViewClub almost a year ago, and much to my surprise this is post nr. 750 already... An average of a bit more than 2 posts a day - not bad for one guy with a passion you'd say - but I'm not completely alone, of course.

There's my friend Peter Buijsman taking care the club stays online, there is Chani Mehrotra keeping the PureViewClub up to date on  Google+ and Sibt-ul-Hasnain Ashmal taking care of the PureViewClub on  Facebook. So I'll take this occasion to thank them for their time!

And of course, there's my wife and daughter, who have been incredibly patient with me and my passion for mobile photography in general and Nokia's PureView technology in particular - also during our holidays.

The coming month however I will take some more time to enjoy their company, during a few short holidays. I will be posting of course, but not as much as you may be used to by now. I'll be "microblogging" more though, especially using Twitter - so please follow @PureViewClub and don't miss the great shots from others I'm happy to share there as well.

Still, you may expect a few comparisons the coming period... With the Blackberry Z10 for instance, and the Samsung Galaxy S4. I recently received review samples (and I'm still hoping to finally get my hands on the HTC One as well). So don't worry, I'm far from bored with the subject :-)

One more thing though: you might have noticed the adds are gone. Not because business is going extremely well - it's not, in fact. Looks like someone thought it would be helpful to click on the banners as much as possible. But Google doesn't like that at all, so they shut the ads at the club down completely.

I protested, but for some reason they stay with their decision and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it anymore. So now I'll have to think of another way to fill the banner space... Meanwhile, maybe you'd like to support the PureViewClub as well? You'll find your own name at the club if you do! :-)

To conclude: the shots in this post are just two I made recently with the Nokia 808 PureView. These "modern Dutch windmills" were captured from a moving car ( original here), and I wonder what's the correct English name for the flowers above (since they are part of a post I'm working on :-)

Thank you for visiting the PureViewClub, I really hope you enjoy being here!

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