Nokia patent for "adjustable aperture"

Just a short update to point you to a post over at NokiaPowerUser about a patent Nokia appears to own to construct adjustable aperture for mobile cameras. According to the - much longer - post, Nokia describes the invention as follows:

The invention relates in general to the field of digital cameras, especially small digital cameras. In particularly the invention relates for adjusting an aperture for mobile cameras. The adjustable aperture construction of the invention comprises two electrodes, and an electrical circuit for applying a voltage to the electrodes in order to create an electric field between the electrodes.

In addition the construction comprises between the electrodes a center unit with a hole in the middle of it, the center unit being made of an electroactive material, such as dielectric material or electrostrictive polymer. The aperture can be adjusted by deforming the shape of the center unit. The shape of the center unit is advantageously deformed by the electric field created between said electrodes by said electrical circuit.

That's all way over my head, to be honest, as is this illustration I borrowed from the original post.

On more quote about the object of the invention: "to overcome the problems related to the prior art aperture implementations above. Especially the object of the invention is to reduce the complexity and size of the prior art aperture, simplify the manufacturing process, and provide a fully adjustable stepless aperture with a circular shape and with minimal power consumption."

I have no idea how new all this information is, I noticed it over at PhoneArena earlier this morning. I remember an earlier patent people got really excited about, the one about using Graphene (post from last year), one we haven't heard about since. I thought it was interesting enough to share it with you over here - I'm quite sure some of you will understand what this is all about :-)

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