Nokia Lumia 928: Xenon and Rich Recording (updated)

Yes, I wrote about it here on April 9 already: the Nokia Lumia 928 really is the next PureView device. It's a CDMA phone for the US operator Verizon, so not very interesting for the rest of the world. Nevertheless, the shots by @evleaks were spot on once again, as seems to be the "render" image I shared earlier as well (see later for more information).

And I have to admit, to this new PureView device looks very tempting! As far as the specs go, there are more differences with the Lumia 920 than you would see on first sight -  except for the added Xenon flash: we all know how important that is in a smartphone camera.

Also it appears to have a much bigger speaker and the specifications even mention stereo audio recording. Combined with the HAAC (High Amplitude  Audio Capture) microphones Nokia won a battle over with HTC, this would mean the Lumia 925 is the first Lumia to really offer Rich Recording!

Now rumour has it that on May 14 Nokia will announce the Lumia 925 - an international version of the Lumia 928. If that would be the case, would you buy it, even it you'd have to sell your 920? Just for fun I'm sharing the videos Nokia has published on YouTube about the Lumia 928.

Introducing Lumia 928 on Verizon Wireless

First hands-on with Ifi Majid, Nokia's Head of  Product Marketing Smart Devices in North America.

OIS demonstration on the Hurricane Rollercoaster, compared with the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III. I must say the video is extremely stable in this case - so much even  I wonder if an extra kind of steadycam has been used... It's clear the picture quality is much better however.

Rich Recording (comparison with the Galaxy S III again). And indeed: the recording appears to be in stereo this time - a trick the Lumia 920 doesn't know. In fact, this is the Rich Recording we have been missing on the Lumia range so far, and I'm really happy to welcome it back in the Lumia range!

It's remarkable you can actually add the Nokia 808 PureView if you want to compare it with the Nokia Lumia 928 and Lumia 920, but Nokia won't give you any specifications at all of it's camera flagship... Why not? Still afraid anyone might actually prefer it? :-)

To conclude:  in the comparison mentioned above (see link) you'll find the Nokia Lumia 928 will only be available in black or white. This would mean that the red "render" shown above is either false after all, or maybe... already a Lumia 925!? It actually even could be, since it doesn't say "4G LTE" as the Lumia 928 has written on its back. All in all, I think we still have a lot to look forward to on May 14!

Update: meanwhile, there appears to be some confusion about whether or not the Lumia 928 offers stereo recording. Asked by @Nokiapoweruser who brought the issue up, Head of Imaging technologies at Nokia Juha Alakarhu replied: "it's like Lumia 920".

Now that would mean NO stereo recording, hence no "Rich Recording". And that would be quite a disappointment I'd say...  I've asked Juha why it says "Video recording features: Stereo Audio Recording" in the official specifications at the US Nokia Site.

To be continued, no doubt.

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