Nokia teasing a new Lumia on Channel 4: "More than your eyes can see"

I noticed some excitement just now about Nokia teasing a next Lumia device on Channel 4 in the UK, in "A Nokia Advertising Premiere". already had a story on it, and one of the followers of the PureViewClub on Twitter, Craig noticed it as well.

I asked him if he would have a link, but he recorded the show so he had the commercial on disk as well - and he was kind enough to record that on his Nokia Lumia 920 and send the MP4 to  me. Without any further delay: here it is! Don't hesitate to let me know what you make of it :-) Thank you Craig!

Oh and for reasons I will never understand, The Verge already has the original file, so here it is once more, now in better quality. Remember you saw it here first (if not on Channel 4 :-)

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