@Evleaks is at it again. The Nokia Lumia 925 has room for a bigger sensor

If I would be in charge of organizing any kind of launch in the mobile industry, I'm sure @evleaks would keep me awake at night. And he/she is at it again... with the first shots of the Nokia Lumia 925. @evleaks is even showing some "mercy" saying " the back can wait until tomorrow". But haven't we seen that already?

What do we have so far? Not very much, really - the shots aren't the best they've shown in their short carreer, but nevertheless they again have something to show before the official announcement - I'm sure some PR folks over at Nokia are prepared to tear some heads off by now.

Anyway, here they are. First the full frontal nudity of what Nokia is (probably) going to announce tomorrow...

Lumia 925 evleaks

That looks like a very nice design, to which I'd like to remark the backside seems to be a bit wider than the screen. More important for people interested in PureView tech is the hump that you can see on the side, showing room for a bigger sensor.

Lumia 925 profile evleaks

I've enlarged it a bit myself and changed the contrast to get the "best" out of the shot above.

Lumia 925 profile evleaks detail hump small

So indeed, there is a slight "hump" on the back you might have seen in earlier leaked shots of the Lumia 925, as shown on the Chinese site " Windows Phone Bar" - a shot I never really trusted to be genuine, to be honest.


But it looks like this (above) could be the back side @evleaks is not yet showing - seeing the big sensor and the double LED flash next to it, exactly like we saw Nokia teasing on Channel 4 yesterday...

New Nokia Lumia 640 x 360


Lumia 925 sensor

It all fits, doesn't it? Not just leaked by @evleaks, but also shown on a Chinese website weeks ago, and teased by Nokia itself yesterday. Detailed parts of a puzzle that nears its completion.

So is this it? Will this be all? Will it be enough? I'm quite sure this small hump at the back doesn't offer enough room for a 41MP sensor, so how much will it be?

Questions, questions... Still enough to look forward to, however. I'm not very fond of leaks to be honest - it takes away part of the excitement. But I can't ignore them either...

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