The wait is over: here is the Nokia Lumia 925

Finally, May 14th is here and the wait is over. And what we have now is a slimmer version of the Lumia 920 in the form of the Nokia Lumia 925. Nope, nothing else. Oh yes, the Lumia 928 was shown off initially. A contribution to the PureViewClub by Mayuri Mehrotra, illustrated with some of the shots Nokia has provided as captured with the Nokia Lumia 925 (and a screendump of the event).

The first and most noticeable feature of the 925 is, since wireless charging is now via an accessory, the weight of the phone has dropped from 185g (Lumia 920) to 139g in the Lumia 925 - almost 50g shorn off. That's all the critics crying 'too heavy!' very happy now. The phone has a beautiful aluminium rim to enhance the antenna strength. The rest of the body is polycarbonate in white, black or grey.


The PureView fans will probably be a bit disappointed as the camera module is the same as that of the 920 - 8.7MP OIS with Carl Zeiss Lens, the same PureView we now are so familiar with. No 12, 14, or 16 MP version. No Xenon flash either. Ah well, we'll just wait for the rumoured EOS then.

However, there is now Oggl and Nokia Smart Camera. Oggl is Hipstamatic's app for WP, and through Oggl, one can post their pictures to Instagram too, apart from the regular social media suspects (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr). So that seems to show Nokia's not trying to seduce Instagram any longer, since the courtship #ToInstaWithLove obviously hasn't worked.


The star of the event was the Nokia Smart Camera app, which will be exclusive to the Lumia 925 till the next update, christened the Nokia Lumia Amber Update, comes along to the older Lumias.
The Smart Camera mode captures multiple shots (10 shots in burst mode) of 5MP, and one can then tweak them in pretty interesting ways:

Best Shot - Choose the best shot of the lot.
Action Shot - where the the background remains constant and the moving object is replicated (like motion control). One can even add a fade effect in this mode.
Motion Focus - where motion blur is added to the background (pretty cool!)
Change Faces - choose the best expression for any face and make a new composite.
Remove Moving Objects View -  Don't like the stranger lurking in the picture? Voila, he's gone!


There even was a live demo of the app with Jo Harlow, Executive Vice President of Nokia Smart Devices, dunking a basketball! Doing so she certainly showed she's a brave woman, and not just because doing a live demo is always tricky. Both worked very well though.

Jo Harlow

Here's the full spec sheet of the Nokia Lumia 925 - and the official press release from Nokia -

And if you happen to like this one better than the Lumia 920 or the 928, you'll have to wait only a few days, as it launches in June for a price of 469 Euros (before taxes). This time Nokia got the launch time right.


Stefan Pannenbecker, Head of Product Design and Jo Harlow, Executive Vice President of Nokia Smart Devices handled the presentation. Seems the Lumia 925 is not a fresh enough phone for Mr. Elop to grace the occasion?

Anyway, is this what you guys were expecting today? Is the Lumia 925 really 'more than your eyes can see'?


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