The Lumia 925: great to switch, not to upgrade?

I noticed quite some disappointment in the reactions on several blogs (including this one), after the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 925. Still, I will try to get my hands on one, if only to test its camera - it's PureView after all, so it doesn't look like I have much of a choice :-) And I'm really curious how the new camera will perform, no doubt!

In this post I'll share my personal impression of the new Nokia Lumia 925 - please note I unfortunately couldn't make it to London, so I never even touched it. Then again, most customers making up their minds about buying this Lumia or not won't be holding it in their hands first either, but make their decision based on specs - and reviews.

But first: I like the light and metal design, like I loved the Nokia N8 and E7. This kind of material has disadvantages too, of course. The Lumia will probably be more "slippery" than the Nokia Lumia 920, so chances are bigger you will drop it one day. And you can't erase scratches on it nor change the cover, so you're likely to add some kind of case for protection (making it less slippery at the same time), or one of those colorful shells for wireless charging - but in both cases you would be adding weight again.

The display has exactly the same size as the Nokia Lumia 920, which I think is good: I just love big displays, to me 4,5 inch is minimum by now (if not just right :-) and the quality of Nokia's display really is stunning. The Lumia 925 has an AMOLED display by the way, (instead of an IPS display), as one reader pointed out.

As far as the specs go it is kind of disappointing you'd have to choose for Vodafone to get a version with 32GB of internal memory, especially since there is no possibility to add a micro-SD card (why not?). I guess I can live with less (I have enough music on my Lumia 920 I hardly listen to), but still: having 32GB on all versions would be great - now it looks like this deal is more important to Vodafone than it is to Nokia (and Vodafone is not the one with the problems).

The 1,5GHz dualcore Snapdragon processor appears to be fast enough on the Lumia 920, but a bit faster processor would have given who's spending serious money to upgrade to this device the impression of technical improvement (after possibly loosing half the mass memory). Also, the battery is the same as on the Lumia 920 (2000 mAh) - no change there either.

nokia_lumia_925_back double LED

Yes, I hoped for more than one device: I hoped for the rumoured "EOS" PureView - too soon, we now know. But noticing the hump at the back in the leaked shots, I also hoped for a bit higher resolution sensor-wise - maybe 12MP, maybe 14MP, maybe even 16MP. But the resolution is - again - the same as on the Lumia 920 at 8,7MP.

Technical difference is there are six lens elements in there, instead of five. What that means exactly I don't know (yet). And you'll find a dual LED flash as in the Lumia 920. But that's another disappointment to many: you'll only find a Xenon flash in the recently announced Nokia Lumia 928.

I understand the newest PureView device even offers 3200 ISO, which is staggering indeed - by now I'm sure it will make for much brighter night-shots, that is if nothing is moving in front of your camera, and if you have a steady hand (or can us a tripod).

I've already read very positive reactions on the new Lens app entitled "Nokia Smart Camera", offering all different kind of options from one single burst mode - so you can choose which effect to apply after making the shot(s). That seems very practical to me, but personally speaking my focus is not so much on the funny effects you can apply on a burst of shots, but on the picture quality itself.

And however it may be fun or practical to be able to apply all those effects, I already know my Lumia 920 will be able to do the same after the so-called "Amber" update Nokia is promissing for later this year. That's only fair I think, but doesn't give me a reason to upgrade either...

I already have the Nokia Lumia 920, and there doesn't seem to be much to upgrade. Unless I'd be bothered with its weight, which I'm not. The mass memory is just fine with 32GB, I happen to like the polycarbonate, and I don't have to add anything for wireless charging. So I guess I'd just be upgrading for a new design and material, and one extra lens element. Hm...

All in all the Nokia Lumia 925 seems to be aimed at those who don't have a Nokia Lumia flagship already. Seen the amount of different operators Nokia is collaborating with launching this device, it seems quite logical.

The device is much lighter for one thing (and Nokia has been bombarded with criticism about the weight of the Lumia 920) and has everything Nokia has to offer on Windows Phone 8.

So if you waited for a lighter Nokia premium device (with aluminium body even), and if you don't care about mass memory too much (or were already planning to choose Vodafone), this Nokia Lumia 925 is a very interesting device to switch to Lumia, no doubt. But if you are looking for a successor for your current 920, this is probably not the time.

Remember though, this is only a first impression, based on specs and some first hands on experiences of others. Chances are I fall in love as soon as I have the Lumia 925 in my hands. I'm funny that way.

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