Great shots from Mangalore, Karnataka, India

I've written it many times before: the Nokia 808 PureView doesn't only show me the very best quality in mobile photography, it also shows me places I would have never seen without it. And sometimes they really surprise me, like the shots tweeted by Praveen Kumar HP recently.

He went on a trip to Mangalore, chief port city of the state Karnataka in India, and shared some of the shots he made on Twitter. The first one to caught my eye was the one from St. Anne's church you'll see below, as part of my selection of the shots I asked him to send me from this trip.

Some of the pics are not changed at all, in some he slightly changed the colors onthe Nokia 808 PureView itself, with some he added some sharpness using Picasa. I hope these scenes will be just as surprising to you as they were to me.

 There you go, some shots from Mangalore, a place I will probably never get to visit in my entire life (it's more than 10.000km from where I live :-). But at least I've seen some of it now. Thanks for sharing, Praveen.

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